Vision & Mission


Our companies are leading Thailand into the new aspect transportation era both services and coverages, whether inland-cross border, ship, or air . We aim for the gigantic size warehouse in every industrial estates, and business areas including an enormous carrier possession that can commute towards every ports in the world.



Our companies intend to provide excellent service by being consultant focusing at speed, efficiency, quality, and especially all are in affordable price as we are the customer ourselves



 Our companies would love to operate with the alliances who understand and attain the common goal, to create the better standard and the better world for every stakeholders’ benefit, because we profoundly understand the meaning of how true alliances walk together.



Our companies definitely perceive that partners are the answer of every step forward. Therefore we conceive every one’s value and have created the programs for staffs could be able to attend such as the competency intervention program, career promotion, leadership program, and organizational development that correspond with the partners’ speculation for the idealistic and firmly as companies must acquire.



Our companies have the culture that stress on driving forward and also focusing at creating the new things . There are all the times work improvement and developing every business sectors to conform with the changes of the current situations. The objective is to be the frontline leader whether in freight or logistics industry perpetually. 


Society and Community                                          

Companies perceive the value of social and community sustainability. Hence we set the campaigns for various types of needy which are; single mom supports, homeless supports, and also another supportive campaigns, in which the objective is to build Thailand to become knowledge base country that everyone have abilities and knowledge to live by themselves and finally pass on these good things to others.


Core value

M = Mobilize ขับเคลื่อน

I = Intelligent ชาญฉลาด

K = Key Partner คู่ค้าและพันธมิตร

E = Efficient อย่างมีประสิทธิภาพ


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